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Moving: Expectations vs. Reality

When people decide to move, most will underestimate the effort it takes to move from one location to another. Some even think it’s easy to relocate and have everything according to their vision of a simple and stress-free move. The truth is even the idea of transferring places is already tiring. Just think about collating your things and putting them in individual boxes. Then unpacking it again and arranging it to its designated areas in your blank slate of a home. Can you imagine how stressful that situation will be? In reality, moving is more complicated than you’d expect.

Here are some expectations that should be debunked for a stress-free and worry-free relocation to help you prepare and be more ready for the move.

Expectation: You don’t have to plan much

Reality: You need to plan in detail

The burden of moving is demotivating, so understandably, you wouldn’t want to waste too much time planning all the nitty-gritty details of it when you could worry about other things in your life. You have to put everything in boxes, and you’re all set. I’m afraid that’s not right. As mentally taxing as it sounds, it’s a lot smarter to plan your move in complete detail as opposed to just winging it and depending solely on someone else to do the work for you. It’s better to know everything and be prepared for anything when you move. You will need to think about how it’s going to go. If you are unsure how to plan your move, you might want to check out and livingwellspendingless for more planning details.

Start by making a to-do list on the house items you will include in the move and the corresponding boxes they’d placed in so you can monitor the things you need from the things you don’t. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to track everything so you won’t leave behind or lose an item. You can also research the best moving services to relocate with like Rogers Moving Services, which gives quality moving services and is one of the most trusted & affordable moving companies.

Expectation: It’s just going to take you one day to move

Reality: It can be one long day or several days

No, it’s not going to be a quick box everything, load in the van, and drop off at your new home kind of situation. Moving takes a lot of time, from preparing, executing, and completing. You shouldn’t rush and jam everything in one day. This more exhausting physically and mentally as it pushes you to move faster and not think clearly on your every step in making sure that the move is successful and all your needed items have arrived in your next location. If you push the relocation to be in such a short period, you might lose and forget some of your furniture, or you might forget where you’ve placed those items in your pile of boxes. 

Expectation: You don’t have to start packing until the move is near

Reality: Pack ahead days or weeks before the move

Not wanting to put any effort into planning your move may also be a direct cause of thinking it will be a piece of cake. You may be thinking you can pack even on the day of the relocation. Some people will not consider that they have a lot of stuff to box and pack. Some even think that packing is unnecessary because they can haul it in the moving van without any hassle. This thinking results in unorganized and hazardous relocation for everyone who helps you out to move. Just packing your belongings can take several hours or even days to do. Doing everything on the spot will only lead to anxiety-inducing pressure and panic or have accidents involving you and the movers. 

Moving is a lengthy process, and you must be ready to take it one step at a time. If you need help in packing, it would be wise to seek professional movers who know what they should do to safely and correctly pack everything. Rogers Moving Services cater to those who need assistance in packing and unpacking, so you won’t have any more worries and get to check out the to-do list.

Expectation: You’ll figure out your utilities in your new home when you get there

Reality: It’s essential to have the utilities set up before the moving date

It’s not a wise idea to let all uncertainties fall on the date of the transport. Your utilities like electricity, water, and an internet connection should be up and running even before you arrive with all your belongings. Would you want to be dropped off at your new location, then get surrounded by a bunch of boxes filled with your house items without any lights nor water? Oh, and not have any internet connection, ask help from your friends to unpack and organize. 

Expectation: Moving is easy

Reality: Moving is complicated and needs effort

From making sure you have all your house items packed and ready to be hauled, transported, and unpacked in your new space takes a toll on a mover, that is why you should be keen on learning more about how you can relocate effectively and successfully. You can also read this article, A Guide to Moving During COVID-19 Pandemic, for more information on safe moving. Now that you’ve debunked these expectations, get ready to implement these on your next move. 

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