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How Much Do Moving Boxes Cost?

With any move, setting a budget is a vital first step. You need to know how much you can spend on packing, including your moving boxes. How much it costs you to transport boxes depends on how many boxes you use, what box sizes you plan to use, and where you buy them from. Below, with some of our best tips for saving money when it comes to your boxes, we have broken down some of the basic cost considerations to remember.

Cost of Moving Boxes

You certainly don’t have a cache of boxes stored up and ready to go at all times. That means you’re going to have to buy new moving boxes, which you can do either by going online or searching out nearby storage for home improvement, self-storage facility, leasing company for vans, or moving company. You can also purchase moving boxes from shipping stores and even from the post office, but they appear to be a little more expensive.

Here’s what you should expect to pay per cardboard moving box, according to CostHelper‘s most recent data: 


At Roger’s Moving Services, we can visit your home and have a free survey to find out how many moving boxes you would need based on the number of bedrooms in your house, the number of people you are packing up, your packing style, and your lifestyle, to make sure you don’t overspend on your boxes. However, because of this pandemic, we offer a virtual survey. Read more on our Guide to Moving During COVID-19 Pandemic.

When choosing your boxes, be sure to pay attention to weight. Although it costs more to transport boxes, the more you use them, it doesn’t necessarily mean that by buying fewer boxes and loading them with as much stuff as possible, you will be able to save money. Depending on their size and whether they are single or double-walled, moving boxes will carry between 30 to 150 pounds each. However, if you overload a package, you risk breakage, which is not good for your belongings or for whoever lifts the package.

Do some preliminary research to see who is offering the best deals online or in your region for moving boxes. In some situations, instead of individually buying each package, the most cost-effective alternative might be to buy a bundle of moving boxes, some of which also contain additional packing supplies.

How To Save Money on Moving Boxes

It does not seem like a lot to pay $1 to $8 per moving box, but the total sum will add up quickly. There are, thankfully, several ways to cut corners and reduce the amount you spend on moving boxes. Here are some ways to get it done.

Use boxes you already have

Break them down and save them for your forthcoming transfer instead of recycling delivery boxes from Amazon and other online stores. The earlier you can start planning this in advance, the more boxes you will have stored and ready to go when you need them. And ask your friends and family to do the same while you’re at it because you’ve got a stockpile of moving boxes waiting for you.

Source free or discounted boxes

Call up local companies such as grocery stores, bookstores, and liquor stores, and inquire if you can pick up any boxes for free or a small charge. For a few days or a week, retailers carry in a lot of merchandise, and all of it comes in cardboard boxes that just end up being discarded. If you get lucky, at no (or minimal) expense, someone may be willing to have you come to grab the boxes. Only make sure that all boxes you receive from shops are in good shape.

Visit Craigslist

To look for free or cheap boxes, check out the ‘For Sale’ or ‘Free’ link on Craiglist. For those who have a little bit of time before they travel, Craigslist is a great resource. This is probably not your best choice if you’re in a rush since it will take some time to pick up the boxes and materials.

Check out

Straight from the warehouse, provides moving boxes and supplies. Like package tape, stretch wrap, bubble rolls, packing paper, bubble bags, and other packing materials, they sell a complete line of moving supplies. 

Get creative with household items

Drawers, suitcases, laundry baskets can be used to pack stuff. Since these items also come with you to your new home, you can also make them do double duty by filling them with objects. Just make sure you protect them properly so that items don’t fall out.

It may be expensive to move, but there are still ways of cutting costs. Here at Roger’s Moving Services, we offer full-service packing, and you do not need to buy the packing materials as we will provide them all. You can save more, plus you do not have to break a sweat from packing everything. Hire the best movers from Chicago today!