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7 Tips on How to Beat Unpacking Procrastination | RMS Movers

7 Tips on How to Beat Unpacking Procrastination

Let’s face the fact that unpacking is overwhelming. Packing has clearly defined deadlines. And doing home inventory forms the basis of effective packing. But unpacking is solely up to you, and that’s why it can be a mess (of a different kind). That’s why today, we’ll talk about how to beat unpacking procrastination.

You can hire a great moving company, and still feel exhausted after a move. That’s it’s a little difficult to dive in and get unpacking done right away.

How to Beat Unpacking Procrastination

However, living in the middle of moving boxes is not ideal. At some point, even the worst unpacking procrastination offenders need to grab a box cutter and get to work on setting up in your new house.

Here’s an article how to beat unpacking procrastination, and finally settle into your new house.

#1 Set your own deadline

Choose a date that you’d want to have all of your unpacking done by then. But most importantly, make sure you stick to it. The best way to do it is to schedule something at that home for the date, like maybe housewarming parties or a neighborhood barbecue. 

At least there, you’ll want your home looking great for your guests. That might be incentive enough to unpack everything and put stuff where they need to go.

It’s easy to justify unpacking procrastination when no one is going to be there to see it. But if you know that guests are coming over on a specific date, then you’re going to be motivated to push ahead and learn how to beat unpacking procrastination.

#2 Start real simple

Do you feel exhausted at the mere thought of unpacking? There’s no law that says you have to start with the grand things. Instead, get the ball rolling by starting simple. Do something easy. Start with the things that don’t require lots of thinking or planning to unpack. 

It’s making a dent in what can seem like an insurmountable task. That way, you get your brain in the right mindset for tackling bigger things later.

#3 Put the moving boxes in the way

Turn your failure to unpack into an inconvenience than it already is. Put the boxes in the middle of the rooms and the hallways, instead of in the corner. You’ll get an unmistakable feeling of relief when you finally finish emptying and breaking down a box that you’re probably stepping over for the past week.

In addition, it’s really easy to ignore what needs to be done when you get professional home movers to stack boxes neatly in the corner of the room.

#4 Ask for help

Two is better than one. And everything is a whole lot easier with another set of hands helping you out. 

Ask two good friends if they won’t mind coming over to the new house to help you with specific unpacking tasks. The harder a task seems inside your head, the more you benefit from someone else’s help.

#5 Define what triggers your procrastination

Ask yourself why you’re having trouble unpacking. Why are you learning how to beat unpacking procrastination?

Do you find unpacking boring? Is it tiring for you? Or perhaps it’s too overwhelming. There are lots of reasons why people procrastinate. By understanding what the roadblock actually is and what triggers your procrastination, you can come up with creative ways to go around it. Define your triggers, combat them, and set to work. 

#6 Stop yourself from making excuses

Every type of procrastinator knows that it’s really easy to come up with convincing reasons to not get something done. But just because you’re thinking something, doesn’t mean you’re really incapable of taking action. Remember that you’ve got a choice between listening to your own excuses or buckling up to work.

The more you stop yourself from creating excuses that facilitate inaction, the more you can get your unpacking done.

It’s a good practice to help you learn how to beat unpacking procrastination and the bad habit in other areas of your life.

#7 Consider your end goals

When you’re having trouble with unpacking, just think about how great it would feel when you’ve finished all of your unpacking. Think about how worse it feels if you haven’t unpacked for weeks or a whole month. 

As you highlight the end goal instead of the process needed to achieve it, you shift attention towards what really matters, and give yourself more incentive to doing what needs to get done.