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5 Things to Consider When Moving Back to Your Childhood Home - Moving Company Chicago, IL - Trusted Movers Near You | RMS MOVERS

5 Things to Consider When Moving Back to Your Childhood Home

Since the novel coronavirus started, there has been an influx of migration from people living in city apartments to their childhood homes. You may be one of those who are already thinking of moving back home to your family for a majority of reasons like safety, lease concerns, workplace closure, companionship, or comfort. This migration activity has been on an ongoing progression since the spring of 2020. A large number of people are choosing to go home to their families, and if you are opting to do that as well, here are essential things to consider before you take that step to move.

1. Is the location safer?

Are you living right now in the middle of a high-risk city, and are you in a tricky spot wherein you cannot practice social distancing and be able to replenish your stock of groceries? Is your hometown a better area to keep yourself safe and well, in the middle of this pandemic? Are your current location and the location you are moving to not currently on lockdown? These are just some questions you need to ask yourself to balance the pros and cons of moving in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can be more informed with our blog post, A Guide to Moving During COVID-19 Pandemic, to help you understand better and know more about the guidelines and protocols set in place for your safety and others’ safety when you move.

2. Are you at the end of your lease?

Another important thing is what you will do with your apartment if and when you move out? Is the lease already expiring? Have you discussed this with your landlord and have agreed about the flat? Will you be able to keep it, or will you have to surrender the area? Think of the lease payments you will have to secure even though you are not physically staying there. You’ll have to decide about this soon so you won’t have any worries when you’ve already relocated, and if you choose to break your lease, check this guide on how to.

3. Will you be able to work?

Work situations vary for a lot of us during this new normal, and you have to start asking yourself how you will be able to continue to do your job at your new location? Will you have the option to work from home so you won’t have to come into the office that will be far from you when you move back to your hometown? If that’s not possible, will you be able to find a job opportunity there? It has been challenging to keep companies, businesses, and workplaces afloat since the pandemic started. Some have been retrenched or have to deal with their companies closing, but with the trend of online work continuing to influence the way we define our new normal. This way of work helps everybody in practicing social distancing, and maybe you can try this out instead so you can work remotely from home when you relocate.

4. Will your family be okay with you moving back?

Surely they will be, but you have to discuss it with them and set boundaries between you and everybody. When you arrive, you will have to social distance yourself for at least 14 days, according to the World Health Organization advisory for travelers.

5. How are you going to execute the move?

If you’ve already considered everything there is to take into account and have decided to relocate back home, what specific steps will you take? Will you be packing all your stuff from your apartment in separate boxes and luggage? Will you be able to load all the heavy stuff onto your car? And will you be driving your vehicle full of furniture and other appliances through different states or towns? You will need help in executing your move. Roger’s Moving Services offers in-house helpers and advisers, as moving can be a daunting task. They will help you pack and unpack the furniture and other belongings, store and load the items, transport and move them to your childhood home, and rearrange your table when you get there. We in Roger’s Moving Services, consider yours and our employee’s safety a priority. That is why we’ve also set in protocols to protect everybody when making a move.

Now more than ever that we want to be closer to our family, moving has become an essential part of the “new normal” for each one of us, but if you are in a high-risk area, please push back the date of the move until it’s safer for you to relocate. Keep all this in mind and keep yourself and others safe and secure during your move.

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